FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Why You Shouldn’t Do The Heroes SBC

Here's why you shouldn't do the new FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Heroes SBC

EA recently released the Heroes SBC into FIFA 22, but here is exactly why you SHOULDN’T do the squad building challenge right now.

The new SBC is a FUT Hero Upgrade, giving players the opportunity to earn a FUT Hero player item.

At first glance, the SBC certainly looks tempting for players, but a number of content leakers in the FIFA community have said that it is worth holding back and not completing the new Hero challenge.

FIFA content leakers such as @FUTZONECENTRAL have advised against doing the SBC to get a Hero.

They said: “EA draining peoples accounts with the Hero SBC before a big SBC drops, smart!” This relates to the rumoured Mbappe SBC that will likely be released into the game in just a few weeks’ time.

Here are the actual tasks to complete the SBCs as they stand:

83-Rated Squad

  • Min. 1 Player: Team of the Week
  • Min. Team Rating: 83
  • Min. Team Chemistry: 60
  • Number of Players in the Squad: 11

85-Rated Squad

  • Min. 1 Player: Team of the Week
  • Min. Team Rating: 85
  • Min. Team Chemistry: 55
  • Number of Players in the Squad: 11

86-Rated Squad

  • Min. Team Rating: 86
  • Min. Team Chemistry: 40
  • Number of Players in the Squad: 11

This will cost around 170k coins to complete from scratch.

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If You Pre-Ordered FIFA 22 DO NOT Do The Heroes SBC

If you pre-ordered FIFA 22 before August, then it is definitely not worth completing the SBC challenges for the Heroes card.

The Ultimate Edition Heroes card is being given out to players in December 2021, and the risk of getting a low-level card with this SBC is quite high when pre-ordered versions of the game will already be getting one for ‘free.’

There are already a number of players on the r/FIFA subreddit lamenting that they got Clint Dempsey or Jorge Campos after trading in a huge amount of cards, so don't take the risk if you won’t be happy without getting David Ginola!

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