Formula 1: Porsche make strong indication over joining grid

grand prix start

Porsche Motorsport vice president Thomas Laudenbach has made the clearest suggestion yet that Porsche are aiming to join the Formula 1 grid in the middle of the decade.

F1 is proposing new engines for the mid-2020s that will see increased electrical involvement in a bid to make the sport more sustainable and better for the environment.

That is something that seemingly appeals to the likes of Porsche and their parent group Volkswagen, who are already in talks with the FIA and F1 manufacturers over their potential involvement within the sport.

Certainly, it seems as though there’s interest from Porsche and Laudenbach has underlined that:

“If you look at the future and you look at what car manufacturers are announcing about the proportion of electric vehicles they want to sell in the future, I think it’s very important that Formula 1 takes a step towards electrification. From what I know now, the FIA has taken a huge step in that direction. That’s going to help.


“It’s no secret that we’re thinking about [F1]. It’s no secret that we are in talks with the FIA and it’s no secret that we are, shall we say, seriously considering it. But no decision has been made yet. One thing is clear, if such a decision is made, you can’t wait too long, because if you want to race in 2025, you have to start at a certain time. That’s where we stand.”

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