WWE: Shane McMahon roasted Jose Mourinho and Chelsea FC on Monday Night Raw

Shane McMahon destroyed iconic football manager Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho turned up on Monday Night Raw when WWE visited the UK in 2007, where 'The Special One' was absolutely roasted by Shane McMahon.

WWE headed to London for the April 23 episode of Monday Night Raw in 2007, and invited down Jose Mourinho, who was in his first stint as manager of Chelsea FC at the time. 

Mourinho didn't just come to the show as a spectator, but the iconic manager got involved too, with Shane McMahon addressing him during a promo on the show.

McMahon was addressing the crowd when he noticed Jose Mourinho, cutting a promo on the-then 44-year-old and even teasing getting physical with him:

"Wait a minute, I know you. That’s Jose Mourinho, the head coach, if you will, of the Chelsea... What do you say? Uh-uh… you don’t want any of this.”

Things didn't stop there though, as Shane McMahon took yet another shot at Jose Mourinho and the players playing for Chelsea Football Club at the time.

Shane McMahon said that one of the UK's best wrestlers had beat up six men in a pub, joking that they were playing for Chelsea at the time, which got a pretty got reaction from the crowd.

“If you can call them men. Actually, I think they were members of your [Jose Mourinho’s] Chelsea Football Club.”

WWE didn't let Jose Mourinho get on the mic and respond to Shane McMahon, which was probably a good idea considering how witty Mourinho is known to be in press conferences and interviews.

Things ended up okay for Jose Mourinho that night, however, as he went backstage after the show to meet with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, taking the following photo.

Jose Mourinho WWE Raw

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