Conor McGregor: Wannabe of UFC legend mocks & taunts opponent only to be humiliated in fight


James Gallagher, a man commonly known for being Conor McGregor’s teammate and acting as if he’s his shadow, mirrors the same antics of his teammate; running his mouth and attempting to get into the mind and face of his opponent.

This was certainly the case when he fought Ricky Bandejas when they met in 2018 at Bellator 204.

It’s clear from his presence and character alone that he sees McGregor as a figure he aspires to become so much alike. Unfortunately for James, he didn’t display a skill set to match, certainly on this night anyway.

For someone like James, who is putting on such a large character, to fall flat on his back numerous times inside the first round, is quite an embarrassing moment.

As soon as the bell sounded, it’s as if everything James had learnt at his camp had completely gone out of the window. A quick kick he took as soon as the fight commenced saw him being dropped to the floor as quick as anything.

Prior to the fight being put together, there were mentions of Gallagher going on to to get a chance to fight for a title, but those hopes looked all but over due to what transpired.

Although these hopes and dreams for a title were quickly shattered, after James was taken down many times in quick succession, Bandejas enjoyed a night to never forget, especially given how much stick and abuse he received going into the fight.

A clean hit onto James’ chin from a harsh kick left him once again flat on the canvas, and here he got laid into with several punches, which led to the fight being finished in just two minutes and 49 seconds.

For James to not even make it through the first round is something which makes the win even more sweeter for Bandejas and more staggering for Gallagher’s team.

Speaking after the fight, the victor revealed all about how the Irishman was attempting to get into his head and start the mind games.



"10-2. You're not on my level. I'm on a new level. I'm going to smash you.' Things like that. (Before the fight) he was down right around the corner, you heard him screaming.

"Ricky, I'm coming. 10-2. You're not on my level. You're ****ed.' He didn't bother me at all, but in the hallway and when he got in my face in the cage, I was like, 'How could this guy be so confident?"

Bandejas was fully obliged to question Gallagher's confidence, he used his character as a barrier, as a perception that he’d won before he had begun, so confident to the point he was planning his future beyond the fight, as if he was playing chess and taking steps towards the domination he longs for.

James may have come back and redeemed himself in future fights, but this will be something that will follow him for the rest of his career.

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