Valorant Patch Notes 3.10: Five Stacking Making a Return (Leaked)

Five Stacking is back in Valorant Patch 3.10

Valorant Patch 3.10 will see Riot Games bringing back Five Stacking with friends in the competitive ranked mode.

Riot Games originally gave players the opportunity to queue with four other friends in the ranked lobby, but later removed this feature as many accounts were getting ‘boosted’ during the five stacking period.

Riot decided to limit the number of stacking to two after players reached a certain ranked threshold, but this appears to be changing according to a recent leak.

Noted Valorant leaker @ValorLeaks recently confirmed that Five Stacking would be returning with the next update. They said: “You will be able to 5 stack with any rank in patch 3.10. At the cost of earning less rank rating.”

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Pros React To Five Stacking Returning To Valorant

Top Valorant pro SicK has however said that the return of the mode will undoubtedly have a negative effect on the game.

He said: “5 stacking absolutely ruins the ranked experience … unless you are in the 5 stack.

“Have always preferred solo/duo it’s definitely a more true test of skill over time. I think it requires you to be more flexible and work with others. 5 stacks are a nightmare to play against.

“Obviously everyone’s experience is different in ranked. But overall for most people, the experience would be better if the game was limited to solo/duo for ALL ranks.

“It levels out the playing field no matter how few people you have on your friends list or if you want to solo.”


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C9 meL of Cloud9 also reacted to the news, saying “I swear we’re looping. Everyone tweeted about wanting five stacking banned months ago, now the same people asked for it to come back? I don’t see it lasting longer than a month.

“For the record, I don’t mind 5 stacks, would just prefer it to be its own queue but queue times would be long asf.”

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