WWE: Doudrop thought she was going to be wrestling at SummerSlam (Exclusive)

Doudrop fully expected to be wrestling at WWE SummerSlam this year

Doudrop was under the impression that she was going to be wrestling at SummerSlam in August, she has admitted. 

SummerSlam on August 21 saw Eva Marie lose in a singles match to Alexa Bliss, with many people surprised that Eva actually wrestled the match.

The exception, from fans, was that Eva Marie would be replaced by Doudrop, and the former NXT UK star has admitted that she felt the same way.

In an exclusive interview with GiveMeSport, Doudrop revealed that both she and Eva Marie thought she’d replace the former Total Divas star in the match, which didn’t end up happening.

I think was SummerSlam, because me and Eva lead. Like, we just didn’t even think that Eva would be wrestling at all. At all. Nobody had any idea, and we just said “oh yeah, okay, like [Doudrop] is gonna come in and do the match, okay that’s good”. Then we got there on the day, and it’s like “no no Eva’s wrestling”. We were like “what?” I’ve never been a manager before in my life. I don’t know what I’m doing.

In the same interview, Doudrop spoke about her time working with Eva Marie, revealing that she thought she’d drop her name once she finished her story with the 37-year-old.

Doudrop also spoke about how “secretive” WWE was with the plans they had for her, noting that she was called up to the main roster in March, but didn’t know what she’d be doing until June, which you can read more about by clicking here.

Doudrop is set to take part in WWE’s tour of the UK, which kicks off tonight. You can find out more information and purchase tickets for the show by clicking here.

You can watch Doudrop live every week on Monday Night Raw here in the UK over on BT Sport.

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