RiotX Arcane Event: How To Get The Valorant Rewards

Here's how to get all of the Valorant Rewards from RiotX Arcane

Riot Games has confirmed that the RiotX Arcane Event will be taking place in celebration of the new Netflix series based on League of Legends, but what are the rewards for Valorant players going to be?

The company confirmed in their initial press release that Valorant will be getting some notable rewards for the players during the event.

Here’s everything you need to know about the rewards that will be made available and exactly how and when to get them in-game.

Fishbones Gun Buddy

The Fishbone Gun Buddy, which is Jinx’s iconic weapon in League of Legends, will be available to Valorant players on Saturday, November 6th.

You can get the gun buddy by watching the global premiere of Arcane on Twitch or, as long as you’re logged in and have linked your Riot account to the streaming platform that you’re watching on.

This reward will also be available for players who watch via the European broadcast of the premiere on Sunday, November 7th.

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Arcane Poro Gun Buddy

This gun buddy is inspired by the Poros from LoL. Players will be able to get a hold of these from Sunday, November 7th by completing missions in World of RiotX Arcane.

Loose Cannon Spray

The Loose Cannon spray is based on Jinx’s Fishbones and will be available for players starting on Sunday, November 14th via the World of RiotX Arcane.


Arcane Jinx Player Card

Riot has not yet confirmed how players can get a hold of the Arcane Jinx Player Card, however, this information should be available at some point in November 2021.

Arcane Cupcake Gun Buddy

The Arcane Cupcake gun buddy can be acquired via the RiotX Arcane pass.


Arcane Embrace Player Card

Again, the Arcane Embrace Player Card can be acquired via the RiotX Arcane pass.

Welcome To The Undercity Player Card

Again, the Welcome To The Undercity Player Card can be acquired via the RiotX Arcane pass.

Calculated Spray

You guessed it, the Calculated Spray can be acquired via the RiotX Arcane pass.

Boom! Spray

You guessed it, again, the Boom! Spray can be acquired via the RiotX Arcane pass.

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