Cristiano Ronaldo: Man United star once annoyed a commentator by performing skills


Cristiano Ronaldo's game may have changed during his years as a professional footballer, but the Manchester United star's status as one of the finest entertainers in history hasn't.

Gone are the days that Ronaldo would use his searing pace to burst past defenders, or outwit them with some dazzling trickery.

But he's replaced that part of his game with ridiculous goalscoring numbers and an unparalleled ability to deliver when it matters.

To adapt his style of play but still maintain his extraordinary level of performances is one of the most underrated aspects of Ronaldo's storied career.


Ronaldo has reinvented himself

There are many players out there who lose the attribute that made them a star during their prime years but are unable to reinvent themselves.

Ronaldo isn't one of them. At the age of 36, he's still one of the top strikers in the world and looks like he might be for a few more years to come.

"He used to stand out wide and want to get the ball and take people on," Man United icon Rio Ferdinand said about his former teammate in 2017, per Goal.

"He’s not that player no more.

"He wants to get the ball in areas where he can hurt teams and have end product, which is goals or assists, and at the moment there’s no better man on the planet doing that."

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When Ronaldo annoyed a commentator

The post-career Ronaldo highlight reel will show a player who loved nothing more than a stepover or two during his early years.

In his first stint at Man United, he was a true showman. Playing on the wing, the Portuguese player would embarrass defenders on a weekly basis with his quick feet.

However, during one game at Old Trafford it all became too much for one commentator.

A video has emerged of Ronaldo's performance in which he produced so many skills that he ended up annoying the poor commentator.

In the first clip, Ronaldo tries to beat his marker with some trickery and wins a corner.

"The thing is, for me, I know that trick's coming," the commentator says.

Moments later, Ronaldo loses possession after a failed attempt at another skill.

He looks to the referee, hoping to get a free-kick, but the commentator is pleased when it's not given.

"Good decision from the referee," he says. "Ronaldo beats himself!"


In the final clip, Ronaldo doesn't use any skills on the wing and sends in a cross that Ruud van Nistelrooy gets on the end of.

"That is outstanding from the Ronaldo," the commentator, happy to see the United man simply use his pace to create space, says.

"Just what I was saying. Just let it go with your pace, no tricks, just let it go!"

Ronaldo did eventually drop the tricks in favour of a goalscoring mentality, but those years he sat defenders down were an almighty joy.


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