Football Manager 2022 cheats: In-Game Editor, Attribute Masking And More

Football Manager 2022 PC, Mac, Xbox Game Pass (@FootballManager)

Football Manager 2022 is almost here and cheats will be able to use in-game to provide a more interesting managerial experience with a fun twist!

The Football Manager 2022 beta is already out, however, and is in full swing, with players getting to grips with the new game on PC.

It will be released on Xbox Game Pass on day one, so anyone who hasn’t pre-ordered the game can gain access to the simulation then.

And, as a result, you’ll likely want to know a few ways to get ahead of the game.

Or, a few cheats, depending on who you ask!

We at GiveMeSport have got you covered…

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Football Manager 2022 Cheats

As usual, there are always plenty of cheats that you can enter to make your FM experience that little bit more enticing. Scroll down to find out all of the cheats that we currently know exist in Football Manager 2022.


This is a big one.

Download the SI-mandated editor and make loads of changes if you want.

Managing Tottenham and want to give every single other club an injury crisis? Go for it. Want £500m in transfer funds? Do it. Want to move Lionel Messi, Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, Cristiano Ronaldo and Erling Haaland to the club? Be our guest, although you’ll need to work out how to play them all!


This one’s shady but it is fun.

If you do manage a club like Southampton or Everton, with a lack of funds in the transfer budget, you could always add a second manager. Put that manager in charge of Newcastle, and snap up a reserve from Southampton or Everton for £200m.

Then retire as manager of Newcastle, your evil work done, and reap the rewards at St Mary’s or Goodison Park.


Newcastle squad Football Manager 2022

Attribute masking is in Football Manager to add some realism and ensure that you have to use your scouting network.

Get them out there to have a look at that teenage striker in Brazil who’s being hailed as the next big thing.

It takes a while, though, and there’s every chance AI managers will look to splash the cash on him as well.

Turn off attribute masking and you won’t need to scout him at all; you’ll know the attributes from the off.

This does take a great deal of fun out of the game but we won’t judge.


Look, we’re not going to lie: We’ve done this.

You put in all the hard work to get your team to a final, or to within a final day win of the title, so you save the game before the match.

You’re getting battered 4-0 with five minutes left.

Only, you don’t have to be.

Quit the game, hit ‘don’t save’ and play the game again. If you keep doing it, that’s when it becomes a problem, but just once? We’ll forgive you.


Steam is a goldmine when it comes to this.

Players upload their own tactics that have been absolutely dominant for you to download.

It’s not a guarantee of success - you’ll still have to tweak the tactics every now and then - but it is a good way to ensure you’re doing the right thing on the tactics screen.


This one is a tricky little workaround and it’s not really cheating.

If you find a player with a release clause, this one will work.

Take Alexander Isak, the young striker at Real Sociedad, who is something of a wonderkid in this year’s game.

He has a £60m release clause and if you pay that, you can ensure that they pay a portion of the wages, by adding that as a clause to the transfer. It’s a maximum of £22,500-per-week for Isak, but it’s enough to help out.

Because you’ve paid the full cost of the release clause, they can’t reject it. Nifty, eh?

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