AEW Dynamite: CM Punk sends powerful message during promo after Jon Moxley news


Wrestling star CM Punk stepped into the ring on AEW Dynamite last night to send a heartfelt message to his fellow friend Jon Moxley as he has entered an inpatient alcohol treatment programme.

As posted in a tweet by All Elite Wrestling on TNT, CM Punk spoke directly from his heart, saying: "It’s important to me. I have some history with Jon Moxley. We aren’t super tight, we aren’t the best of friends, but, you know, I was travelling here in a car. I got Larry riding shotgun, and I get a phone call and I get this situation explained to me."

Talking about what it takes to become a Superstar and how difficult it is to put up a great show for fans, Punk said: "I know what it’s like to go, and go, and go, and have to be so tough, and better than everyone else.

"And wrap up injuries, and be sick and show up to work, and all these things that get compounded, and help other people to be super generous.

"And eventually, you get to a point where you have to take yourself off the hamster wheel, and I’ve been criticised for it. I don’t want anyone to criticise Jon Moxley because I am so god damn proud of him."

You can watch Punk's emotional and heartfelt promo in the clip below.

Earlier, it was revealed on Twitter by AEW boss Tony Khan that Jon Moxley, formerly known as Dean Ambrose in WWE, had entered an inpatient alcohol treatment programme.

Khan appreciated Moxley's efforts of seeking help and said: "Jon is making a very brave choice to get help, and we're embracing his choice and supporting him however we can.

"I'm proud to call Jon a friend, and like many of you, I'm also a fan of Mox and look forward to a time in the future when he is eventually ready to return to the ring."

Both Punk and AEW boss Tony Khan encouraged fans to reach out if either they or their loved ones need help.



Punk said: "If anybody here or anybody at home watching television, if you’re in a place where you think you need help, get it, ask for it, reach out, text somebody, call somebody.

"There’s nothing harder that you can do in the world but there’s nothing more courageous, as well. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help.

"There’s plenty of times in my career where I wish I asked for help and I didn’t, because I thought I was being a tough guy.”

Fans wished the AEW world champion and the former WWE champion a speedy recovery and wished him the best for his future.

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