Warzone Season 1: High Quality Version Of Pacific Caldera Map Leaked

The new Pacific map will be added to Warzone Season 1.

Leakers online have managed to get their hands on the new Pacific map layout that's coming to Warzone later this year.

Raven Software are set to introduce an all-new location to the battle royale series for the first time with the stay in Verdansk coming to an end, in what has been the only map of choice to date.

This move is being taken to celebrate the launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard, which launches worldwide tomorrow and the excitement is building following the successful Alpha and Beta tests earlier this year.

As they did with Black Ops Cold War, both Warzone and Vanguard are expected to be updated hand-in-hand with each other as the months pass by with Raven Software and Sledgehammer Games both working together on both Activision projects.

Up to now, details had been limited regarding the new map but it appears that we could potentially know a lot more about it.

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Warzone Pacific Map Leaked

Thanks to ModernWarzone, we got to see a high-quality image of the upcoming Pacific Caldera map which appears to be as vast and open as what Verdansk was.

As well as this, all of the appropriate points of interest have also been leaked, with no stadium expected to feature at all. It will be a strange world without a stadium in Warzone but this could be a new reality.

Here is the list that was provided regarding the POIs:

  • City Capital
  • Taro Farms
  • Submarine Base
  • Beach Defenses
  • Fishing Village
  • Ancient Structures
  • Naval Shipyard
  • Ore Processing Docks
  • Volcano
  • Phosphor Mines
  • Airport

This leak looks alarmingly accurate and high points on the map, such as the Volcano, could be the new go-to locations in-game for players to drop in and hold out as the circle gets smaller.

It will be interesting to see if this island turns out to be the new Pacific Caldera map and how it will feel to play - when we eventually get our hands on it. Time will tell.

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