FIFA 22: Severity Of FUT Market Crash Has Been Exposed

FIFA 22: Severity Of FUT Market Crash Has Been Exposed

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is being enjoyed by many, but a tweet has revealed the severity of the huge market crash in FUT.

Ultimate Team is definitely the most successful game mode in the FIFA franchise and this is due to the fact that it releases an abundance of special cards alongside normal cards and this makes playing the football game more enjoyable as everyone has their favourite cards.

To access these cards, you can get lucky and pack them or you can buy them off the FIFA Transfer Market. Despite the game only being out for a month, FIFA have revealed three huge promos already; Road To The Knockout, Rulebreakers and Ones To Watch.

There has also been a huge revamp to FUT Champions and Division Rivals, Ultimate Team has massively evolved, and it is now more exciting than ever.

Tweet Highlights Severity of FUT Market Crash

Many players in the FIFA community have realised that the transfer market in FUT is not that strong, and a lot of players this year are very cheap. This has meant that people can build quite overpowered and meta squads very quickly.

A tweet summed up how huge this market crash is; Donk Trading revealed that only 10 gold cards cost more than 100k. He then emphasised that we are almost at single digits already when it comes to gold cards costing more than 100k.

This is crazy to think about when you have a lot of gold cards that are really strong in the game as well as a lot of cards that are a very high rating.

Some of the 90 rated cards, like Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane, only cost around 30-40k and it highlights how a lot of the normal cards are pretty unusable in the game.

Despite the fact that Kane is a great finisher, his card does not have strong stats that suit the meta. His speed is just not there and his height and strength mean that it is hard to dribble quickly with him.

A fast dribbler is huge in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and even low rated players who suit this meta are better to use than players like Kane.

The addition of more promos than ever is probably another reason as to why we have this new market crash.

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