Jose Mourinho: Man Utd ball boys and girls were 'sacked' for their performance

Jose Mourinho vs ball boys

Jose Mourinho has gone full Jose Mourinho this season.

The Portuguese manager is currently in charge of Roma in Italy and hasn’t been out of the headlines this season.

Earlier this week, he posted images on social media questioning why his side were unable to retake a penalty, while a similar image showed Juventus were.



He wrote: “One had to be retaken, one hadn’t… guess which.”

He now risks a fine and punishment for his outburst.

It’s the latest in a long, long line of Mourinho controversies.

Everywhere he’s been in his managerial career, Mourinho hasn’t been afraid to upset people.

Whether it’s his own players, the media or officials.

In fact, during his spell at Manchester United, Mourinho even upset the ball boys and girls by ‘sacking’ them.

No, really.

During the 2016/17 season, Mourinho ‘sacked’ the club’s boys and girls who were provided by the Manchester United Foundation.

Jose Mourinho and a Man Utd ball boy

Mourinho apparently wanted a “slicker operation” after he wasn’t impressed with the timing or delivery of the ball back to his players.

Therefore, he decided to draft in the club’s Under-16 team and they were given instructions on how to give the ball back to players when it goes out of play.

A United insider told PeopleSport: “The manager wasn’t happy with what was on offer before from the ball boys and girls. He wanted a much slicker operation — especially when United are on the attack or time is running out.

“He felt by bringing in lads from the Academy teams — boys who understand the nuances of the game and the urgency of certain occasions, it would help speed up play at crucial moments.

“Of course, people may speculate whether opponents are given the same courtesy if they are on the attack or chasing the game.”

A United official confirmed: “Yes it’s true that Jose did change the ball boys for the Liverpool game.

“Prior to that, the task was carried out through the Manchester United Foundation but the manager changed it against Liverpool and brought in boys from one of the Acadamy teams.”

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But Mourinho has quite a complex relationship with ball boys and girls.

When he was Chelsea manager, he accused the Newcastle ball boys of ‘disappearing’ during the Blues’ defeat in December 2014.

“Things were happening that the referee cannot control. He cannot punish the ball boy that disappears.

“You may as well put a cow in the middle of the pitch and then stop the game because there was a cow. You cannot do just anything in football. Football needs a ball.”

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Then, in his final match in charge of Chelsea, he slammed Leicester’s ball boys.

“Leicester fought with everything. They defended with everything — and their ball boys were amazing too” he told Chelsea’s club website.

“I say the point about the ball boys because it’s a disgrace for the Premier League, but I don’t want that story to be in front of a result Leicester deserved.”

But perhaps the most shocking incident took place in March 2014 when he told a ball boy at Crystal Palace that could ‘could be punched’ for slowing down play.

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