Warzone Season 1: Red Door Rooms Tease New Pacific Caldera Map

Pacific will be coming to Warzone when Seasons reset in December 2021.

The developers of Call of Duty: Warzone have added a small teaser to Verdansk that some players may not have noticed.

The Seasons in-game are due to reset in just under four weeks to celebrate the launch of Vanguard, just as Raven Software did last year when Black Ops Cold War was released around the same time.

Warzone is set to move away from Verdansk, the only playable map to date, and is taking gamers to the tropical climate of the Pacific.

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Vanguard is due to release tomorrow but we won’t see the latest Season of Warzone until just under a month after, giving the developers plenty of time to iron out any potential creases before it launches.

With plenty of excitement, intrigue and anticipation for the new Pacific Caldera map, players are eager to drop in and explore this vast new world.

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Warzone Pacific Map

An image of the leaked Warzone map earlier this week (Credit: ModernWarzone).

(Credit: @ModernWarzone)

Some may have spotted this already, but if you haven’t, Raven have placed an Easter egg right your nose without you noticing.

During games, if you like to visit the Red Door Rooms to obtain precious loot, then a cutscene halfway through the transition shows a little bit of the Pacific map itself.

Here is the footage that ModernWarzone shared on Twitter:

While the teaser from Raven is only brief, it certainly gives players a good idea as to what sort of environment they will find themselves in when the Pacific map is released, with palm trees and small hills and the sea in what is a typical holiday-like location. But we all know it will be anything but a vacation in Caldera.

Warzone Season 1 will be coming on 2nd December for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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