FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Five FUT Challenges you must try

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Five FUT Challenges You Must Try

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is a lot of fun, and we know how to make the experience even more enjoyable as we have created some challenges for you to try and complete in the game mode.

The highly popular game mode has a lot of ways in which you can play. You can compete online in FUT Champions and Division Rivals, or you can play offline in Squad Battles.

What is great about Ultimate Team is the fact that an abundance of cards are usable in the game as developers EA Sports are constantly coming out with new promos and special cards.

Sometimes, playing games with your same squad can get a bit dull and these challenges will be hard, but will give you a bit more of a unique experience when playing the game.

Five FUT Challenges You Must Try

Challenge 1: Win on a budget

This one is easy to give a go, all you have to do is pick a budget and build a team that is under this budget. For those who don’t want a challenge, you can make a 100k team. For those who want this to be a bit more difficult, try this with a 50k team or even a 10k team. To go through this challenge, try and win a game on FUT Champions or Division Rivals.

Challenge 2: Build a team with restrictions

For this challenge, you have to build a team, but with some restrictions. The restrictions for this team are:

  • It must be 100 Chemistry
  • You cannot use players from the top five European Leagues
  • You need to use three special cards (inform etc)

Challenge 3: Silver Stars

This challenge is simple. You have to play a game on Division Rivals or FUT Champions with a squad containing only Silver players.

Challenge 4: Rainbow Squad

This challenge is very creative. What you have to do is build a squad, but each player needs to have a different card type. This can be hard to do but is a lot of fun.

Challenge 5: Hybrid Squad

For this challenge, you must make a hybrid squad. The requirements we are setting for it are:

  • Must have at least one player from all five European Leagues
  • Can only have three players from the same nation
  • Must be 83 rated or higher
  • Must be 100 chemistry
  • Must have one inform

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