Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies Perks Ranked From Worst To Best

Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies Perks Ranked From Worst To Best

Call of Duty Vanguard revealed a great Zombies game mode will be involved in the game, and we have ranked the five Zombies perks to help you have an even better experience when playing the game mode.

Perks in Zombies are crucial, as they will give you abilities and improvements to make your character better and stronger in the game.

The game mode is a lot of fun, and as well as going through hundreds of waves of Zombies, you can also try and complete the Easter Egg.

Many players see Zombies as their favourite game mode, and if you want to get far in the game, you need to know how to get these perks and which ones are the best.

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How to get Perks in Zombies

Getting perks in the game is pretty simple, and it won’t take you too much time. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: First unlock new areas throughout Stalingrad
  • Step 2: Activate the perk fountains
  • Step 3: Level up the perk fountains by earning essence. You do this by killing zombies.

There are four different levels or tiers which you can unlock and they all require a certain amount of essence.

  • First Tier: Free
  • Second Tier: 2,500 essence
  • Third Tier: 5,000 essence
  • Fourth Tier: 7,500 essence
Zombies Perks are crucial in Vanguard

Zombies Perks Ranked From Best To Worst

  • 5: Venomous Vigor: This perk is good as it boosts your regeneration speed, but out of the five, it is probably the weakest.
  • 4: Diabolical Damage: This perk will increase your critical damage, and as the levels increase this will be needed.
  • 3: Aethereal Haste: This perk boosts your movement speed, and this is crucial as you need to be able to move around the map quickly and it will help you if you ever feel cornered.
  • 2: Demonic Frenzy: boosts reload speed
  • 1: Fiendish Fortitude: This increases your health, each tier you will see it increased even more. This is the most crucial perk. As the game mode gets harder, you will need to be able to take more damage, so be sure to focus on this one.

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