Call of Duty Vanguard: Every Sniper Rifle Ranked (Worst To Best)

Call of Duty Vanguard: Every Sniper Rifle Ranked (Worst To Best)

Call of Duty Vanguard is now live and we have compiled a list ranking all the sniper and marksman rifles in the game from worst to best.

These sniper rifles are great to use and are good at a very long range. The sniper is definitely one of the most enjoyable weapons to use in the RPG world.

The release of this new game in the franchise is exciting many Call of Duty fans, and the early access went down amazingly with the gaming community.

With lots of maps, various game modes, and battle royale game Warzone, you need to make sure you are using the most powerful sniper rifles in order to get the most out of Call of Duty Vanguard

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All Sniper Rifles in Call of Duty Vanguard Ranked

Obviously it is hard for some players to pick which guns to use as there are a variety of weapons in the game for players to choose from.

There are a lot of sniper rifles in the game for you to use, and they all have pros and cons, however, the cons of some of the weapons are too strong and it will make you want to use other weapons.

All the snipers in Vanguard are obviously from the World War II era, and this is great as some of the weapons are fan favourites from Call of Duty games of old.

When looking at a good assault rifle you need to take a few things into account, and these things are:

  • The amount of ammunition it holds in one clip
  • Its range
  • Its damage
  • Its mobility

We have done just that when looking at these weapons, and here they are in ranked order from worst to best.

The Kar98k is the best sniper rifle in Call of Duty Vanguard
  • 6: Arisaka Type 99 (Sniper)
  • 5: Gewehr-43 (Marksman)
  • 4: M1 Garand (Marksman)
  • 3: SVT-40 (Marksman)
  • 2: 3-Line Rifle or “Mosin-Nagant” (Sniper)
  • 1: Kar98k (Sniper)

The Kar98k is by far the most superior. It packs a big bunch, is fire mobile, and does good damage from both medium and long range depending on the scope you want to use.

We have been waiting a while for Call of Duty Vanguard to be released, and we are over the moon to see that it is finally here.

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