Carl Froch believes he would've beaten Gennady Golovkin if they fought in their respective primes

  • Tom Ward
Carl Froch reckons he'd beat Gennady Golovkin in his prime

Carl Froch is so confident he would have beaten Gennady Golovkin because ‘he went eleven rounds with Martin Murray’.   

The Cobra got plenty of tongues wagging earlier this week by claiming he’d have been ‘too much’ for Canelo Alvarez if he was in his prime – whilst suggesting the Mexican wouldn’t ‘get near me’.

But this isn’t the first time Froch has said something that borders on the controversial.

Despite being happily retired, the former unified super-middleweight champion has been asked several times about a hypothetical matchup versus Golovkin over the years. 

And Froch, 44, was in no doubt as to who would win…

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When asked how he would have fared against the mighty Golovkin, Froch famously replied: “I’d have been too much for him. I met him and he’s 5’9”/5’10”.

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“When I meet somebody and I shake their hand and I’m looking in their eyes, I might be wrong, but me as the fighter and the warrior I was when I was fighting, I was shaping and sizing him up thinking, ‘if I ever fight you, no problem.’

“He went eleven rounds with Martin Murray. At that sort of level, you’re not gonna give me a problem.” 

Carl Froch remains convinced he would've beaten Gennady Golovkin in his prime

Golovkin has not lost any of his past three fights since his lone career defeat, to Saul Alvarez in 2018.  

But despite that, Froch remains convinced he would have had the beating of Golovkin as ‘I’m too big and strong for him’. 

Last year, Froch claimed: “In my opinion I’d beat him up because I’m too big and too strong for him. I might be wrong, we’ll never know, but I would back myself to beat him.

“There will be a lot of people listening to this saying, ‘No, no, no, load of b——-, Golovkin would beat you. Eventually Golovkin’s power would tell, he’d land on you, he’d hurt you, break you down and stop you.’

“What I’d say to that is I’ve never been stopped, I’ve only ever been put down twice in my career and I got up to win both times.

“You can say either of us are a clear winner. I think I beat him by stoppage. I’d be hitting him that much, that hard.”

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He added: “A little bit like the Lucian Bute fight, back him up to the ropes, back him up, smash him to bits, you know how I roll.

“What a great fight that would’ve been, and I’m man enough to admit I could’ve come unstuck.

“I could’ve got my nose broke, I could’ve got my eye cut and been blinded in one eye, I could’ve even got ironed out.

“I never think I’d be knocked out because I’ve been hit with some big, big shots in my career and I’ve felt them, but they never bothered me that much.

“I’ve never been flattened like Amir Khan, have I?”

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