Conor McGregor's latest training photos prove he's gaining serious muscle


UFC and Ireland superstar Conor McGregor has clearly been working very hard in the gym during his recovery process, and it’s paying off if his Instagram story from last night is anything to go by.

Fear not, though, we managed to grab screenshots of the images before the story vanished, and they quite evidently show the Irishman training harder than ever before and packing on some serious muscle mass.

This could suggest that he is close to announcing a new fight, but there are no sources to suggest that such conversations are taking place.

Perhaps he is working out to distract himself from all the headlines that he has caught himself in during this past year… some good, some not so good.

Whatever his next plans are, we hope to see McGregor back in the Octagon doing what he does best, especially given the poor results he has recently racked up.

His quick combinations have been his trait and perhaps training to suit a more grappling approach could be his future game plan.

The broken leg he sustained against Dustin Poirier has hindered a lot of training time for McGregor, but together with his coaching team, he is looking to get back into the swing of things and deliver the same memorable moments that he has so far created.

How about we dive into those Instagram pictures now then… 


Whilst being out of action himself, he has recently spoke of encouragement and compassion to his countryman James Gallagher, after the 25-year-old lost out to Patchy Mix in front of a home crowd in Dublin.

He posted on Twitter Voice saying: “Jimmy boy, that was some f****** show, mate.

“What a crowd. That was like me and Brandao that crowd. That kid is only 23, 24 years of age, and he’s selling out a stadium like that. Guillotine and what? Fresh as a daisy.



“You need that experience. That experience is worth more than any amount of money you’re going to make in your entire career. And trust me, bro, don’t let that crowd reaction … I’m looking at, ‘Free from desire. Free from desire.’ What a show. What a f****** show. You’re an animal, bro. You need that experience, you need to jump for that guilly, you have your head pop out, you need to be against the fence. You need that experience. You’re only a bambino. You’re a bambino on the way. … Yup, the ‘Strabanimal’!”

McGregor appears to be just as invested in the sport as he was some five years ago, let’s hope that that the hunger continues for the rest of his career.

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