Top 5 Genshin Impact Characters Used at Spiral Abyss (November 2021)

Here's the top 5 Genshin Impact characters that are being used for Spiral Abyss in November 2021

Spiral Abyss is a vital part of the Genshin Impact experience, but which character have players been using to complete it in November 2021?

Players are able to submit which characters they have used to complete the different floors via, and we’ve got the latest line-ups that gamers have used this month.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Spiral Abyss character percentages for the Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact.

5. Ayaka – 90.2% Usage Rate

Ayaka comes in at 5th place for players on The character is useful in the Spiral Abyss for her ability to freeze enemies but is still useful for teams that don’t focus on freezing opponents.

Ayaka’s CRIT DMG is also a great ability for taking out the boss enemies in the Spiral Abyss, with a bunch of Ayaka mains using a Blizzard Strayer set and adding +15% Cryo DMG.

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Genshin Impact

4. Raiden Shogun – 90.6% Usage Rate

Raiden Shogun comes in at fourth on the list, with the character added to the game as part of the 2.1 Update of Genshin Impact.

Several changes for Raiden were added as part of the 2.2 Update, potentially leading to the character getting more use in the latest list of Spiral Abyss usage:

Version 2.2 Changes

  • Fixes an issue whereby the effect of stacking Resolve for Raiden Shogun will be triggered incorrectly under certain circumstances.
  • The glow of Eye of Stormy Judgement was lowered and the motion waves produced by it on movement was removed.
  • Facial expression during weapon animation was adjusted.

3. Zhongli – 92.4% Usage Rate

Zhongli was first added to the game back in Version 1.0 as an NPC, then being released as a playable character in Update 1.1 of Genshin Impact back in December 2020.

There have not been any major changes to the character since the release date, aside from character voice-over fixes over the past year.

2. Bennett – 93.7% Usage Rate

Bennett comes in at #2 on the Spiral Abyss list, with the 4 star unit being one of the very best in the game.

With Bennett being a 4-star character, it is quite easy to completely max his Constellations and his Elemental Burst gives some great ATK boosts and healing.

1. Kazuha – 96.6% Usage Rate

Kazuha comes out on top of the list. Kazuha is the best Swirl character in the game and is fantastic for clearing the most difficult floors of the Spiral Abyss.

The actual Swirl abilities that Kazuha has are so OP in the game that the majority of players, according to, cleared the Abyss only using one artifact set. 

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