Eddie Hall weight: Beast shows off his 106kg body at just 16 years old


It’s hard to believe that Eddie Hall is just 33 years old, especially when you realise he has been competing in the World’s Strongest Man competition since 2012.

Even two years before that, Eddie had staked his claim as England’s Strongest Man at just 22 years of age.

If that wasn’t enough to impress you, he then went on to win the UK’s Strongest Man one year later.

Over the next few years, The Beast would break multiple world records, including lifting over 1,000lbs in a deadlift. He also broke his own deadlift records multiple times (sometimes even on the same day).

Hall seemed to improve his placement in the World’s Strongest Man every year as well, finishing sixth in 2014 and fourth in 2015, before eventually going on to finally win the competition in 2017.

Eddie announced his intention to retire from the sport that same year due to health-related concerns, however, even four years later he still has fans talking about him.


The Beast recently posted a throwback picture on his Instagram which has left fans absolutely stunned.

The picture shows a side-by-side comparison of Eddie now, aged 33, versus what he looked like at 16 years old, and even at that tender age, The Beast was already beginning to form.

According to the data supplied by Eddie himself he was already an incredible 106kg at that time.



For anyone who doesn’t already know Eddie, it would probably be easy to believe that he was 33 in the first picture, rather than just a teenager still at school.

Fans have been blown away by the picture, with some questioning what his mum was feeding him as a child.

Even triple Olympic champion Adam Peaty appeared to be stunned by the photo, simply commenting” “16… Jesus.”



It’s safe to say that whatever Eddie’s mum fed him as a child, it definitely worked.

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