Roberto Carlos' most powerful goal? Real Madrid icon scored epic indirect free-kick in 2005

  • Kobe Tong

Roberto Carlos is world renowned for having one of the most powerful shots in football history.

You knew that whenever the Real Madrid legend would line up a free-kick with one of his famously long run-ups that anybody between the ball and the goal needed to brace themselves for carnage.

Besides, we're talking about the man who is responsible for arguably the greatest free-kick of all time with his iconic strike against France for Brazil going viral whenever it reappears.

Carlos' iconic powerful shot

In fact, we'd go as far as to say that you can't really call yourself a football fan if you haven't drooled at the reverse angle that shows just how mind-blowing the curve behind Carlos' strike before.

However, like any great long-range shooter, Carlos has far more than one legendary goal in his catalogue and almost all of them were characterised by the vicious power that was behind them.

And while that must have struck fear into the heart of even the most seasoned of goalkeepers, we're inclined to think that Carlos' free-kicks were even more intimidating for the players in the wall.

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Can you just imagine how terrifying it would be stand there covering your crown jewels as the cannon-thighed Brazilian unleashed his crazy run-up and a thunderbolt strike towards you?

It's a massive 'nope' from me, that's for sure, but what if we were to tell you that there is a situation where lining up against a free-kick from Carlos was even more intimidating than that? 

Yup, that's right, because once upon a time, Carlos actually stepped up for one of his iconic set-pieces barely eight metres away from the goal-line with Real having won an indirect free-kick.

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Roberto Carlos' terrifying indirect free-kick

Everybody loves the bizarre sight of a free-kick being taken within the penalty area, but just imagine how hideously terrifying that must have been for the players who had to stare down Carlos himself.

Taking place during Real Madrid's 3-1 home win over Real Betis in the 2004/05 season, Carlos not only assumed responsibility for the close-range free-kick, but he absolutely spanked it into the net.

However you imagine Carlos taking an indirect free-kick would play out in your head is pretty much exactly what happened in real life and you can check out the frightening footage down below:

Fair play to those Betis players because they're a lot braver than me.

Brave Real Betis players

The visitors had put every single player on the goal-line for the moment that Carlos charged towards the ball and thankfully for them, they were mostly far away from the shot that hurtled towards them.

The Brazilian icon catapulted his effort straight down the middle, which was only really guarded by the goalkeeper, with not a single hint of having reined in the power due to being so close to goal.


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So, sure, it doesn't come within light years of competing with his France free-kick or 'impossible' goal, but it might just be the most terrifying goal from Carlos by way of being so darn ruthless.



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