Simone Biles: Gymnast stuns fans with insane move during Gold Over America Tour

Simone Biles Gold Over America Tour

Those who watch Simone Biles perform often compare her to a phenomenon.

The four-time Olympic gold medallist has established herself as the best gymnast in the world — dominating nearly every stage she steps onto.

Straight off the back of another successful Olympics for Team USA, Biles is currently headlining the Gold Over America Tour.

Biles has been one of the main faces of women's gymnastics since her senior debut in 2013. She won three gold medals at the World Championships before going on to win 17 more world titles and four Olympic golds on her debut at Rio 2016.

However, she was seen in a new light during the 2020 Games, when she opened up on her mental heath struggles.

Biles was forced to withdraw from all but one of her individual events in Tokyo after suffering a case of the 'twisties' — a condition in gymnastics that warps the athlete's sense of spatial awareness while in the air. 

After stressing the importance of taking care of mental health, Biles went on to win bronze in the balance beam and is now headlining the post-Olympic tour around the US.

Simone Biles

With fans already in awe of her, Biles has once again wowed her supporters with this incredible move during the Boston leg of the tour. 

The show was experiencing tech difficulties at TD Garden, so the gymnastics put on some crowd entertainment while they were resolved.

Biles was filmed performing a standing back layout — a highly difficult move involving more height and skill than the standard tuck or pike move. She was also stationary, meaning she had no run up or elevation to help with the move, making it all the more impressive.

Thousands of people across Twitter and Reddit have shared and commented on the footage, all spellbound by how effortless Biles made her move look.

One Twitter user said it was "incomprehensible", while another stated Biles 'doesn't subscribe to gravity'.

Biles is not just a household name, but a national treasure held close to the hearts of her adoring supporters and all those who she continues to inspire through her performances and her strength away from sport too.

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