WWE: Footage of Vince McMahon & Keith Lee from his debut could explain why he was released

Footage of Vince McMahon & Keith Lee from his debut could explain why he was released

Footage from one of Vince McMahon and Keith Lee's first conversations after his main roster debut last year could explain why WWE ultimately made the decision to fire him last week.

Keith Lee was one of 18 wrestlers released by WWE last week, mere hours after the company announced staggering profits in their Q3 report.

Lee was one of the more surprising releases, especially considering the former NXT Champion had just debuted his new "Bearcat" gimmick on Monday Night Raw. 

However, footage from Keith Lee's first week on the main roster last year could explain why WWE made the decision to release the 37-year-old. 

Footage from Keith Lee's 24 documentary on the WWE Network, which followed his main roster debut the week after SummerSlam 2020, shows a conversation between Lee and Vince McMahon.

Lee's main roster debut was the stuff of dreams, with WWE having him beat Randy Orton twice in his first six days on WWE Raw, which is quite the accomplishment.

In the conversation, McMahon praised Lee for being "a hell of an athlete" and cutting "good promotes", but told the former NXT Champion that he had to "make me believe in you".

McMahon went on to tell Lee that there would be some changes to his presentation, which we ended up seeing, but urged the big man to really make people believe in him.

It seems like this is where things may have gone wrong for Keith Lee, with the former North American Champion clearly not inspiring Vince McMahon enough. 

There's no denying that Keith Lee is a tremendous athlete, as Vince McMahon admitted, but fans will argue that WWE never gave him the opportunity to show what he could do.

By being himself, Keith Lee was one of the most over performers in NXT, so the fact that Vince McMahon wanted to change him soon after his debut could be where things went wrong too.

According to reports, Lee had some "attitude problems" within WWE prior to his release, which contributed to the decision to let him go, which you can read more about by clicking here.

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