FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Fans Claim EA Are Manipulating The Transfer Market

Here's what fans are saying about EA and the transfer market in FUT

The FIFA 22 Ultimate Team transfer market has taken a huge hit over the past few weeks, and now with the market seemingly bouncing back there are players claiming that EA are manipulating the cost of cards.

It appeared as though Meta cards were dropping in rate quickly over the past few weeks, with several notable names in the FIFA community stating that the market crash was the worst they have ever seen.

And now, there appears to be some major lifts in the value of these Meta players, causing gamers to react on social media to the market changes.

A Redditor on the r/FIFA subreddit noticed the changes and has already accused EA of “malpractice” with how they appear to have “manipulated” the market.

They said: “EA is completely manipulating the market and everyone should be aware of how grimy this company is.

“In the span of a few minutes, high-end META cards that were dropping due to increased supply have MAGICALLY gained 100k+ value back.

“This is not a coincidence. EA actively bought out high-end META cards and completely got rid of them to manipulate the price and screw over buyers and sellers alike. This should be considered malpractice and a disgrace to the community and customers of EA Sports.”

There is obviously no evidence to support this other than the price of cards changing on the transfer market. The overwhelming feeling on r/FIFA is that there is definitely something going on with regards to the pricing of certain cards.

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Are 50k Preview Packs Causing Market Disruption in FIFA 22?

One player outlined the changes that have occurred shortly after the 50k Preview Packs were introduced into the game.

They said: “There is definitely something going on. I was looking before on Playstation and this is just a few [changes] in the space of an hour.

  • Robbie Keane Heroes Card - 284k to 383k
  • N’Golo Kante - 285k to 335k
  • Vinicius Jr 1st In-Form - 119k to 170k
  • Cristiano Ronaldo - 720k to 816k
  • Neymar - 550k to 640k

It’ll be interesting to see how the market lands in the next few days following the release of the 50k preview packs and how the player base decides to deal with the increase in cost for these Meta cards.

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