PUBG New State: Advanced Controls Settings revealed

PUBG New State: Advanced Controls Settings Revealed

PUBG New State is another great mobile game for players to get their hands on and we have revealed the Advanced Controls you need to have set up to enhance your PUBG New State experience.

The new battle royale game is feeding off of the success of PUBG Battlegrounds which was only available on console and PC.

No doubt it is a clever idea for the developers to make a mobile game alongside PUBG Battlegrounds, and hopefully we see a lot of exclusive mobile features in the near future.

Over 40,000,000 people pre-registered for the game, and this showed the huge hype and excitement for its release.

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Advanced Controls Revealed for PUBG New State

These advanced controls reveal how you should set up your action button settings and this was revealed by the official PUBG New State Twitter page. It will make it easier to perform some of the actions and movements in the game.

The settings you should have when it comes to your action buttons are:

  • Parkour: Combine Jump Button
  • Peek: Swipe
  • Automatically switch to scope mode when peaking: Disable
  • Roll: Double Tap crouch button
  • Gyroscope: None
  • Scope and Shoulder Mode: Separate Buttons

For those who want to see how some of these actions work in the game, you can have a look at the video down below.

If the developers are showing us how to customise our settings, then you need to make sure that you use what they tell you as they know the game better than anyone and the action buttons are set up in a way to make your gaming experience easier and better.

We have also revealed the system requirements for this game for users of both iOS phones and Android phones.

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Battle royale games are the hype of the gaming world at the moment, and PUBG were one of the first to create a game of this type. Therefore to see them evolve and create a mobile game is definitely very exciting for the gaming community.

We will be keeping an eye on all the latest updates and if there are anymore settings you need to know, we will be one of the first to tell you.

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