FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Rare Icon SBC Hack Revealed

A Redditor has confirmed a new hack to get some cheap Gold players in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

The Rare Icon SBCs have been officially released into FIFA 22, and one player has revealed a hack to get some cheap gold packs from the new challenges.

Several new Icons are now available in the game via the new SBCs, but with all squad building challenges, there are a number of smaller feats to complete before an Icon can be obtained.

This hack found by a gamer on r/FIFA gives players the opportunity to get some cheap gold packs that could hit big if you’re lucky.

The ‘hack’ involves trading in some cheap bronze and silver players to get access to a Rare Gold 2 player pack.

There have been a number of new cards added to the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team system over the past few weeks, so this opportunity at a shot for 2 rare cards could be a chance to get a Rulebreaker or major gold card.

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FIFA 22 Icons

How To Get Cheap Gold Packs in The Icon SBCs

The actual method was revealed by a Redditor on r/FIFA, who noted the following: “The bronze and silver squads of the Klose and Okocha Icon SBCs give a tradeable rare gold 2 player pack.

“I managed to pull the CDM Rulebreaker from PSV from one of mine. You can also use the Libertadores silvers as rares. Good luck!”

Several Redditors have already thanked the user for the find, as they have been able to get some quality cards over the past day or so. One wrote: “Thank you for this post” Out of the 8 total golds, I got RB Machis, Sergio Ramos, 2 84s, and then <82s. An easy 45k profit woohoo!”

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Whilst everything in FIFA related to packs is a gamble, this is a good way to trade in some silver and bronze players to potentially get a big return, with the likes of the new Rulebreakers cards now out in the market.

The Icon SBCs are only available for a limited time, but even if you aren’t in a position to fully complete them it is worth trading in some bronze and silver fodder for a shot at 2 rare gold players!

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