Nicola Adams made Frank Warren 'eat humble pie' for sexist views on women's boxing

Nicola Adams

Double Olympic boxing gold medallist, Nicola Adams, has opened up about her experience working with renowned promoter, Frank Warren, during her professional career.

The former undefeated WBO flyweight champion was speaking at the screening of her upcoming biopic “Lioness: The Nicola Adams Story” as part of the Prime Video Presents Sport Showcase Event in London.

The documentary explores the life of the record-breaking boxing pioneer and her journey to becoming one of the most recognised female fighters of all time. Adams reveals all about her difficult upbringing, the events which led to her becoming Olympic champion and her decision to turn professional back in 2017.

Despite Warren having been outspoken about his disdain for women’s boxing, Adams still decided to sign with the promoter, hoping to change his and other people’s perception of female fighters.

The British star never held grudges against certain people but was desperate for organisations to support women in the same way they did with male boxers.



“It wasn't really individual people that I felt [annoyed by],” the 39-year-old stressed. “It was more the organisations because they were the ones that were supposed to be supporting the female boxers as well as the male boxers and they just weren't doing that.

“So it was always really, really frustrating. We always wanted them to treat us equally and it took so long and so much hard work for us to actually get to that point.”

“I didn't even call Frank Warren to promote me. I left him completely out of the loop. I was talking to Eddie Hearn, Golden Boy, all the other big promoters and it was him that called me and I was like, ‘yes.’

“Everybody gets a chance to change their lives around, I don’t hold things against people,” If you said a few years ago I’d be signing with Frank Warren, I would’ve said no way. I made him eat humble pie!”

Adams remains the only women’s British boxer to have ever won back-to-back Olympic gold medals and the entire set of amateur championships available to her –– Olympic, Commonwealth, European and World.

Nicola Adams

Yet, ‘The Lioness’ says she has never considered herself an inspiration. Throughout her career, her thoughts were centred around providing for her family and becoming the best in the world. It is only now when watching the documentary back and reflecting, that she realises just how much she has achieved.

“When I watched the documentary and I looked back at all the things I've done I was blown away myself. I was busy. Because I'm always focused on what I can do next. What's the next goal? What's the future thing I can do? I never really sit and look back and think ‘oh, wow, I've done that and they're watching this documentary.’ It really was inspiring.”

The 39-year-old is often credited for helping kick-start the growth of women’s boxing, alongside other names such as Claressa Shields and Katie Taylor. While the British star is no longer competing herself, she is pleased to see female fighters finally starting to get the respect they deserve.

“I think boxing has changed massively. I mean, there's a little bit of a way to go but it's moving in the right direction. Especially coming from the 2012 Olympics when a lot of people didn't even know that women's boxing even existed, never mind that it was going to be an Olympic sport.”

Nicola Adams

Adams has worked her entire life on changing people’s opinions and having done that with boxing, she is now focused on trying her hand at new skills. The Brit took part in Strictly Come Dancing last year and is in the process of trying her hand at acting.

“I’m always thinking about the future. Now I’m working on my acting career. In the boxing ring, it’s a poker face so I’m learning to open up and show my emotions. It’s the complete opposite. It’s really nice for people to see another side of me.”

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