Mason Mount video: Chelsea star goes viral after having tooth removed

Mason Mount

Mason Mount has undergone dental surgery to remove his wisdom tooth - something that caused him to miss a a Chelsea match in recent weeks.

The midfielder scored a hat-trick against Norwich at the end of last month but missed the trip to Newcastle the following week. He then made only a five-minute substitute appearance against Burnley last weekend.

He was called up to England’s squad to face Albania and San Marino but his arrival at the camp was delayed due to his tooth problem.



Now, though, the 22-year-old has undergone surgery and his recovery will be monitored in the coming days.

Although if Gareth Southgate was on social media on Tuesday night, he’d have seen the midfielder on another planet.

That’s because videos of him clearly on painkillers in the car after having dental surgery were going viral.

How do we know he was on painkillers?

Well, he calls the dentists the GOATS, he says he wouldn’t feel a punch in the face, compared himself to a great white shark and even considered giving his tooth to charity. Even when he’s not thinking straight, he’s still thinking about charity. Class.

Ready to watch one of the best videos of 2021?

Take a look:

VIDEO: Mason Mount on painkillers

Mount even shared a short clip of the video himself:


Fans were reacting on social media - and also found the funny side of it:

Mason Mount Mason Mount Mason Mount Mason Mount Mason Mount

Mount's video is funny but it'll never beat a young 'David' asking "Is this real life?" while still on painkillers following his trip to the dentist.

In all seriousness, though, we hope Mount makes a swift recovery.

Mount’s wisdom tooth had become infected and he was unable to eat properly which caused him to lose weight.

Ahead of the match with Burnley, Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel explained the situation.

"It’s a bit of a tricky one. He was ill but the reason is the wisdom tooth so this is the reason for the illness or feeling like an illness. There is a bit of an infection," Tuchel said.

"He was back in training yesterday and today, he lost a bit of weight, he cannot eat properly so he takes medication and let’s see.

Mason Mount

"He is in the squad for tomorrow, he can play some minutes but we will need to wait for the reaction because it seems like a proper treatment has to be done.

"I expect him if everything is ok [to join up with England] but the tendency that I know right now is we need a proper treatment of the wisdom teeth so it could be that he is out or that he joins the England squad maybe a little bit later.

"We will always push and encourage him. There is no doubt. We are proud when he is selected. He is proud when he is selected so there are no tactics behind the backs or behind closed doors that we try to manage and everyone is trying to keep Mason here but we have full responsibility for his health and there is something going on which we need to take care about."

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