WWE Raw: Doudrop reveals true nature of her relationship with 'amazing heel' Eva Marie

Doudrop Eva Marie

Monday Night Raw star Doudrop has admitted she is "heartbroken" her former ally Eva Marie was released from WWE.

The company has cut a number of talents from its books throughout the year and the latest batch saw the likes of Franky Money and Nia Jax shown the door.

Marie, who made a controversial comeback to WWE in June, was also on the list.

The former Red Queen ruffled feathers, split opinions, and generally caused a scene during her short return to the company. She appeared on Raw with a new gimmick as a 'celebrity who wanted to help people', but didn't actually do any wrestling herself.

Branded the 'Eva-Lution', Doudrop would appear alongside Marie as her protégé after making the step up from NXT to the main roster. 

Marie would usually talk down to Doudrop and make her do all the muscle work when it came to matches, including tag team appearances.

The former Piper Niven eventually grew tired of the way she was being treated and a lot of fans were also desperate to see her flee from the shackles of Marie and become her own entity.

The two came to blows before the partnership and rivalry eventually fizzled out. But despite their on-screen turmoil, Doudrop has revealed the real nature of their relationship.

Eva Marie Doudrop

"Honestly, I’m absolutely heartbroken because that woman is a big sister to me," the Scot told the Metro. "Behind the scenes, she is the nicest person you will ever meet… Every single person, she’s got a funny story with them.

"I just love her so much. I hope it’s not the last we’ve seen of her in WWE, I think she’s amazing. When you see her in real life, you’re like… you’re amazing at being a heel. But time will tell — who knows what will happen in this crazy world?"

Doudrop then went on to say the guidance of Marie helped her 'knock everything out the park' while settling in on Raw and becoming one of the main faces of the brand.

Since splitting from the partnership, Doudrop has competed in the inaugural Queen's Crown final and has teased a drastic switch in her role on Raw. Her interview on the most recent Monday night instalment suggests the ultimate babyface could be about to turn heel.

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