Call of Duty Vanguard: How to Get Gold, Atomic And Dark Aether Weapon Skins

Call of Duty Vanguard: How to Get Gold, Atomic And Dark Aether Weapon Skins

There is a huge glitch in Call of Duty Vanguard which allows players to unlock gold and dark aether for their weapons - here is how to do it.

The World War II game has been a huge success since its release, but there have been some minor complaints when it comes to small bugs and issues in the game.

Some players can’t play with their whole party, and there are muting issues as well. The game is in the early stages, so hopefully this is sorted in the next update.

This huge weapon camo glitch is something that will definitely be sorted soon, but many players are abusing the glitch to unlock these camos without all the hard work.

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Huge Gold, Atomic and Dark Aether camouflage glitch revealed

For those who do not know, these weapon skins are the hardest to get in the game, as you have to complete all weapon challenges with all the weapons in the game to unlock them.

This will take a lot of hours adding up to multiple days) to complete for gamers normally, but this glitch has made it a lot easier as you can unlock them all in seconds.

YouTuber Zlaner is a huge up and coming Call of Duty streamer, who normally plays alongside TimTheTatMan and Dr.Disrespect and he has recently signed up with huge gaming organisation Optic.

Zlaner revealed the glitch on his YouTube channel, and now we have the steps for you to unlock these weapon camos:

  • Step 1: Go to your weapon class (any weapon)
  • Step 2: Go to your completionist camos in the gunsmith
  • Step 3: Hit left on the dpad of the controller and start spamming X
  • Step 4: Whilst doing this you keep on clicking ‘None’
  • Step 5: You keep on spamming this until it selects the weapon camo that you want
  • Step 6: Stop clicking when it is on the camo you want and you will see you have ‘unlocked’ it. You can play in-game with them as well

This is a crazy glitch, and will frustrate many players who actually grind to unlock their weapon camos. No doubt we will see this bug removed quickly by the developers.

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