Martin Brundle & Megan Thee Stallion incident leads to Formula One rule change


Formula One have issued a ban on celebrities bringing bodyguards to the grid, following an incident at the US Grand Prix involving former racer and now commentator Martin Brundle.

The iconic F1 reporter was doing his usual pre-race grid walk for Sky television when the 62-year-old decided to approach freestyle rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

On initial approach, Brundle seemed to be shunned away by the leading bodyguard, who appeared to put his hand out in an attempt to block the Briton’s advances, only for the bodyguard to be met by a smack on the back from Megan herself, indicating she was fine with the interview taking place.

Brundle then asked the American superstar if she had any 'rap for F1’ to which she responded, “No rap today, I’m sorry.”

His follow up question was to ask who she was supporting, to which a bodyguard replied on behalf of Megan, stating he couldn’t do that.

Brundle has interviewed countless A-grade celebrities over the years, without issue – so was left quite perplexed following the encounter.

“I can do that because I just did,” was his quite brilliant response.

Since the incident has taken place, a Formula One source confirmed to the global news agency Reuters that bodyguards would no longer be allowed on the grid due to space limitations and COVID-19 restrictions – although it also stated that celebrities were certainly not obliged to give interviews either.

Brundle explained that new rules had been introduced during his broadcast on Sunday. He also took to Twitter last night to share his thoughts on the situation.

“For the avoidance of doubt, I don’t care who visits the F1 grid, the more the merrier. Talk to me, ignore me, shove, wave, hug, call me names, whatever makes you happy.”


“All I ask is that you soak up the atmosphere, enjoy the privilege. I’ve not asked for any grid protocol changes.”

The general consensus from fans following this is ultimately it was a real disrespect to the legendary commentator and in fact, it should be a real privilege to be interviewed on the grid.



With the ban in place, we’ll surely see Brundle interviewing many more celebrities undisturbed for years to come.

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