FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: 81-86 Preview Packs Now Available

Here's what you need to know about FIFA 22 Ultimate Team 81-86 Preview Packs

The 81-86 Rated Preview Players pack is now available in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and we’ve got all the information you need for the new promo.

As the name suggests, Preview Packs allow players to see what they would be getting from a pack in-game, rather than it just being a guess and gamble as to what you might get for spending a large number of coins and or FIFA points.

The release of the 81-86 Player Preview Packs has been massive among the FIFA community, as it has meant even more transfer market disruption.

Several players have revealed on social media that their 81-86 preview packs have some massive cards available, but some just aren’t able to afford the outlay of coins.

The Five 81-86 Preview Players Pack, to give it the official name, is throwing out some massive names for FUT players to get a hold of without any risk.

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FIFA 22 Rulebreakers

Five 81-86 Preview Players Pack

Some of the biggest names that we’ve seen come out of the Preview Packs include Rulebreakers, Icons, In-Forms and Heroes.

As always with packs, it comes down to luck who and what you’re likely to get in a pack, but with the preview element, it does mean that you’re able to at least know what you’re getting in the outlay for the Rare Players, rather than blindly spending your money.

The inclusion of these new Preview cards likely means that the transfer market will be picking up again, with more cards being added to the system that players will be hoping to get some massive coinage out of.

Some players have been taking to r/FIFA to reveal what they have been getting out of the 81-86 players pack, with some getting major rewards.

One Redditor confirmed: “Cornet and Kimpembe in the same pack, this is the luckiest I’ve gotten in this FIFA.”

Another gamer would lament the current state of the market after opening their pack, saying “Inform Correa and I would still lose 5k on the pack LMFAO what is this market!?”

Possibly the luckiest player on the thread confirmed that they managed to snag Vinicius Jr SIF. “Holy f*ck packed Vinicius Jr SIF. Before this, I had only packed Kroos as my best player lmao. Good luck all.”

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