Funniest football team names: 25 of the very best in the world


Football is the one sport on earth that can truly unite fans from around the globe.

Whether it be in South America, Africa, Asia or on the terraces of Europe's famous footballing citadels, the beautiful game is unlike any other when it comes to rallying people en-masse.

It is no surprise that it is the most popular sport on earth, played in even the most obscure and remote parts of our planet.

While we love it for the way in which the mythical deeds of the its superstars leave us wanting more, it is also responsible for some of the biggest laughs we could ever hope for.

So, choosing to follow the road more laughed, we decided to compile a list of some of the strangest names for football clubs out there and some are truly spectacular.

25. Nyasa Big Bullets - Malawi
24. Solid S.C. - Sri Lanka 
23. Triangle United FC - Zimbabwe
22. Club The Strongest - Bolivia
21. Anti Drugs Strikers FC - Sierra Leone
20. Dandy Town Hornets - Bermuda 


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19. Accra Hearts of Oak FC - Ghana
18. Miscellaneous - Botswana
17. Crab Connection - Trinidad and Tobago
16. Deportivo Wanka - Peru
15. Eleven Men In Flight - Swaziland
14. April 25 Sports Team - North Korea
13. Naughty Boys FC - Botswana
12. F.C. Slutsk - Belarus 
11. Motor Action FC - Zimbabwe 

10. Deportivo Morón - Argentina 


Moron currently ply their trade in the Argentine third division and, while their football might not be terribly noteworthy, their name is fantastically memorable.

Viva Morons...

9. Union of Invincible Eleven & Majestic Sports Association - Liberia

Can't fault their confidence, can you?

With alumni like George Weah, however - who played for Union of Invincible Eleven & Majestic Sports Association in 1986 - the Liberians boast an illustrious history.

The biggest problem they face is that 'Union of Invincible Eleven and Majestic Sports Association' doesn't exactly make for catchy crowd chants.

8. Botswana Meat Commission - Botswana 


The semi-arid southern African nation is obviously rather proud of its beef exports and is a hotbed for marvellously comedic club names.

While the Meat Commission - named after a series of abattoirs - is the best of the lot, honourable mentions do go to Naughty Boys FC and Golden Bush.

7. FC Cuntum - Guinea-Bissau

We probably don't need to go into detail as to why this makes the top 10. 

5. Club Always Ready - Bolivia

Another Bolivian entry.

Club Always Ready is one of Bolivia's biggest clubs and have been around since 1933.

Just imagine the standard of banter if Martin Tyler were ever to commentate on one of their games.


4. Inter Godfathers - Northern Mariana Islands

Where do we even begin? 

It's just the most supreme name anyone could ever ask for. You can be 100 per cent certain that the Godfathers start every single game with the psychological edge purely because of their name.

3. Chicken Inn FC - Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is another mecca when it comes to superb team names but don't take Chicken Inn FC lightly as they were domestic champions in 2015.

They are named after one of the biggest fast-food chains in the country and their nickname is 'The Gamecocks'.

Up the Gamecocks!

2. FL Fart - Norway

Call us juvenile, go ahead, do it. 

It's not going to change the fact that FL Fart is possibly the most giggle-inducing name you could ask for when it comes to naming a football club.

It must be an absolute nightmare for commentators.

1. Cape Coast Mysterious Ebusua Dwarfs - Ghana 

Just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

The Ebusua Dwarfs are a Ghanian team founded way back in 1939. They were handed a temporary ban earlier this year after their fans assaulted match officials and players from Hearts of Oak.

In other words, the Dwarfs physically assaulted the Hearts of Oak - you can't make this stuff up.

Above is their team of the decade - just because we thought you might like to know.

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