Steven Gerrard vs Frank Lampard: Prime Premier League stats of Liverpool and Chelsea icons

  • Kobe Tong

Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard are two of the greatest players in Premier League history.

With more than 1,100 games combined in England’s top-flight, the midfield masters are constantly compared with Paul Scholes whenever the nation’s finest playmakers and creators are discussed.

Both players are regularly spoken amongst the greatest to have ever played for Chelsea and Liverpool, winning two Champions League titles and three Premier League crowns between them.

Gerrard vs Lampard debate

Sadly, they were never able to transfer their Ballon d’Or-competing form to the international stage with England, but their appearances for the Three Lions certainly fanned the flames of debate.

You could perhaps even go as far as saying that the Gerrard vs Lampard debate, plus Scholes if you so choose, is the closest that English football comes to Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi.

Naturally, Lampard and Gerrard had very different playing styles that make any definitive answer to the debate incredibly difficult, but there are various ways in which we can get closer to a solution.

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Premier League primes

To eliminate personal preference, we’re turning our hand to statistics and the Premier League’s official website conveniently has a player comparison tool that we can enter the two icons into.

Now, given that Lampard played over 100 more Premier League games than Gerrard, we’re not looking at their statistics overall, but instead from their greatest ever seasons in the competition.

For Lampard, we’re going for the 2009/10 campaign in which he scored a league-record 22 goals for a midfielder, as well as 14 assists, to help Chelsea win the league with over 100 goals to their name.

Gerrard vs Lampard by prime stats

Meanwhile, Gerrard is going to be represented by the 2008/09 season in which he almost delivered the league title for Liverpool with 16 goals, 11 assists and just two defeats in the entire campaign.

Got it? Right then, well, prepare yourself for controversy and debate by checking out what happens when you compare prime Gerrard and Lampard by their Premier League statistics down below:


Stats show Lampard as clear winner

Wowsers. As far as the statistics are concerned, it’s a pretty comprehensive victory for Lampard.

Not only does the Chelsea hero have more goals, assists and clean sheets, but his shooting success rate, goal-per-minute ratios and number of headed and weak foot goals were also superior.

Now, the doubters would bat this away as being expected given that Lampard played in a more attacking role and while that’s true to an extent, the 2008/09 season largely saw Gerrard playing right behind Fernando Torres.


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But even if you’re sceptical about the attacking stats, you can see that Lampard still comes out on top in everything from pass completion rate to through balls and successful tackles to clearances.

Naturally, this certainly doesn’t mean that Lampard is automatically a finer player and that the debate is closed, but it really does go to show that his prime statistics get the better of Gerrard’s.

And truth be told, when you consider how often Lampard is overlooked in the debate with Gerrard and Scholes, it feels somewhat appropriate that he can get his moment in the sun with this triumph.



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