Apex Legends Mobile: New Leaked Photo Surfaces On Social Media

New Leaked Apex Legends Mobile Photo Surfaces on Social Media

Apex Legends Mobile is a highly anticipated game and many in the gaming community will want to see the latest photo revealing more about the upcoming game.

Apex Legends Mobile will be a free to download game that you can also do in-game purchases on. It will only feature cosmetic changes. It is an entirely new version when you compare it to Apex Legends but it is true to the original.

We are sure that the mobile version of Apex will not fail to disappoint, and there will no doubt be a lot of new content that will be exclusive to Mobile. We already have found out that mobile players will be getting exclusive new skins.

It is very exciting times for the Apex Community, so we can only hope that this continues and the mobile game meets expectations.

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New Leaked Apex Legends Mobile Photo Surfaces on Social Media

With the game only in beta form, players who enjoy Apex Legends are constantly looking for leaks to find out more about the game, and it is great to see that a new leak has surfaced.

This image shows players exactly what the loading screen will look like before you go into a game and whilst you are picking your character.

The leaked image reveals that it will be similar to the one we see on both Xbox and Playstation, but not entirely the same as it will have a different look and a different colour. The lobby background is also different.

New Leaked Apex Legends Mobile Photo Surfaces on Social Media

The developers of the game have put in a lot of work to make Apex Legends successful ever since its release back in 2017, and no doubt they will make the mobile game just as popular.

Players will be over the moon to hear that the Apex Legends will be making its way to both iOS and Android mobile platforms after huge demand.

Expectations are high due to the success of the console and PC game, so hopefully Apex Legends Mobile meets these expectations. If it does, it will most likely be one of the best Mobile games around at this current time.

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