Jake Paul makes ridiculous claim regarding Kamaru Usman after UFC 268


After defending his welterweight UFC belt at the weekend against arch-rival Colby Covington, we're sure Kamaru Usman was not expecting to be called out by YouTuber and boxer Jake Paul only a few days later. 

Paul believes that he would beat The Nigerian Nightmare if they were to have a boxing match. In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Jake Paul told reporters it would be 'light work' if he and Usman were to ever step into the ring together.

“I mean, he [Kamaru Usman] could barely beat up a 170-pounder. Took a lot of shots, man. He’s getting old, right? He’s 35 and I think that’s starting to show. I think he is out of his prime already. He’s light work.

"You know, I respect Canelo and his boxing ability but as far as Kamaru Usman getting into the boxing ring, like I said, it’s light work. Look what I did to Tyron Woodley, the five-time UFC champion… I know Kamaru beat Woodley, but in boxing, completely different.”

In the buildup to his fight at UFC 268, Usman mentioned the fact that some day he may well enter the boxing ring, but was eyeing up current pound for pound best boxer in the world Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez as his potential opponent, not Jake Paul. 


His unanimous decision victory against Covington at the weekend was a sign of his combat sport prowess, and takes his unbeaten streak to 19, five of those being title defences of his welterweight belt.

According to the recent ESPN UFC pound for pound rankings, Usman sits first as the best fighter in the UFC roster - many would argue, therefore, he is the best MMA fighter on the planet right now.

Jake Paul has his own tough test coming up, however, and he will certainly need to progress through it to stand any chance of facing Usman in the future.

On December 18, Paul will face Tommy Fury, Tyson's younger brother, in a boxing match. Being a Fury, Tommy has been a fighter all his life, and whilst he's not yet faced any big names, he is looking more and more impressive as each fight passes. 

The Problem Child, as Jake Paul is known, is relishing being the underdog for the first time in his career.

"I was secretly in camp for seven weeks while Tommy signed the contract while he was at the club partying, smoking cigars at his brother's fight, and eating at Krispy Kreme's with Molly. For the first time in my career the oddsmakers made me the underdog for this fight. I LOVE IT." 



December 18 is the next step in Jake Paul's fledgling boxing career and should he secure the win, it'll be fascinating to see who he is pitted up against next. 

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