FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: New Player Packs Leaked

Here's what you need to know about the New Player Packs in FIFA 22

EA is constantly adding new content to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and now some brand new Player packs have been leaked ahead of their arrival in the game.

Special promo packs containing specific content aren’t exactly a new feature for Ultimate Team, but recent data mining has revealed that players looking for specific stat-based cards may be in luck.

Here’s everything we know about the latest FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Player Pack leaks, including a potential release date.

Noted FIFA leaker @FUTIconOK revealed the datamined information relating to the brand new packs that will be coming to the game.

Whilst this information isn’t official and EA can always change their mind relating to content, it does appear as though these packs will be made official in the game at some point.

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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 Stat Player Packs

The following packs have reportedly been added to the code for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team:

  • 82+ Pace Player Pack - Guarantees a player with 82+ Pace
  • 82+ Passing Player Pack - Guarantees a player with 82+ Passing
  • 82+ Dribbling Player Pack - Guarantees a player with 82+ Dribbling

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It is certainly an interesting addition to the FIFA system, with players now getting the opportunity to make more specific decisions on what type of player they hope to get as part of a pack opening.

Whilst it is not confirmed what the cost of the new packs will be, it appears as though these will be single-card packs rather than multiples.

Some reactions from fans and followers of the top FIFA leaker have been interesting, with some not too happy at the idea of Pace packs being available in the game.

Having Pace as an attribute pack is a bit of a double-edged sword, as Pace has always been a major part of the FIFA meta and can sometimes lead to game-breaking teams of ‘sweaty’ players. This is part of the reason that EA decided to ‘fix’ the pace stats of CB players in the latest iteration of the game, as players were tending to use LB or RB players in CB due to their advanced pace.

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