FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Season 2: Storyline Reward Cards Revealed

Here's everything you need to know about the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Season 2 storyline rewards

We’ve just hit Season 2 of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and the storyline cards available for players have now been revealed.

Completing games and building XP in FIFA 22 gives players access to rewards in the game, and these include specific special cards at certain levels.

Here’s everything you need to know about the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Season 2 rewards and what levels you need to reach to gain them.

Storyline cards in FIFA have a permanent boost and better stats than their base card, but they will not receive any further boosts going forward.

Players will get a choice of one of three cards when they reach both level 15 and level 30, and all of these cards are untradeable on the transfer market.

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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 Season 2 Storyline Rewards

Here are the cards that players can obtain by getting to level 15 and level 30 in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Season 2:

Level 15

  • Heil (LW) - 83 Overall
  • Pask (CB) - 83 Overall
  • Pedro Teixeira (GK) - 83 Overall

Level 30

  • Grant (ST) - 86 Overall
  • Lincoln (CAM) - 86 Overall
  • Van Ginkel (CM) - 86 Overall

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FIFA 22 Rulebreakers

Players React To Storyline Cards

Players have reacted to the latest available cards in Storyline on social media, with some noting that the new upgraded cards are “useless” when it comes to the actual landscape of Ultimate Team.

One Redditor noted on the r/FIFA subreddit: “They really toned down storyline players this year as it seems. But on the other hand, it adds some variety to other leagues.”

Another player agreed, saying “Yeah they're truly borderline useless now.”

One player gave more of an overall view on the situation, saying that the Storyline players are more for building alternative squads rather than the OP variations that most players opt for such as EPL, Bundelsiga or La Liga. “I think the main purpose of Storyline cards are for unique and fun players, I don't really expect them to be on the power curve.

“That's why they give them solely to the smaller leagues now. I'm quite excited at 2 Liga Portugal cards to be honest.”

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FIFA 22 Flashback

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