Top 5 Resolver Weapons in Far Cry 6 Ranked from Worst To best

Top 5 Resolver Weapons in Far Cry 6 Ranked from Worst To best

There are an abundance of resolver weapons in Far Cry 6 and we have ranked the top five from worst to best.

The action adventure first-person shooter developed by Ubisoft is the sixth main instalment in the series, and it is being massively enjoyed by the gaming community.

The popular gaming franchise Has a lot of content for players to get their hands on and more is coming out constantly.

Top 5 Far Cry 6 Resolver Weapons Ranked

Resolver Weapons are the most powerful weapons that you can use in the game. I’m order to obtain them, you need to purchase them from Juan by exchanging Depleted Uranium to buy any of them.

For those who do not know how to get Depleted Uranium, it isn’t too difficult. You will be able to find them in Anti Aircraft Cannon Sites. When you manage to defeat the enemies at these sites, you can then look for chests. In these chests you will find the uranium.

Here are the top 5 resolver weapons ranked from worst to best:

5: Tostador

Far Cry 6 would not be complete without a flamethrower, and this weapon is so powerful that it will burn down anything in its way.

4: Pyrotechno

This is a fireworks launcher that can fire multiple missiles at one time and this means that you can cause a lot of damage very quickly.

Ranking Resolver Weapons in the Far Cry franchise

This is a powerful Minigun with a rapid fire rate and can take down armoured vehicles as well as big groups of enemies with speed.

Be sure to give these weapons a go and tell us what you think when you use them!

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