FIFA 22: 10 Most Popular FUT Cards Right Now According To FUTWIZ

FIFA 22: 10 Most Popular FUT Cards Right Now According to FUTWIZ

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team already has many special cards and we have revealed the top 10 most popular FUT players in the game.

It can be very hard to decide what team or squad to make in the game mode, but Ultimate Team is definitely a lot of fun and no doubt the most successful part of the franchise.

Throughout the course of the year, you will most likely see new promos every few weeks, with new special cards added every week.

We have already seen a fair few players hit the 90’s and no doubt we will have a lot of 90+ rated players to get our hands on as the game continues to thrive.

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Top 10 most popular FIFA 22 FUT players according to FUTWIZ

Some cards in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team are not touched at all, but there are a lot that are used by many in the gaming community due to the fact that they are very overpowered and these players can win you games single handedly.

If you haven’t given some of these cards a go, be sure to immediately and you will see how much of an improvement they can make to your Ultimate Team, just remember to make sure you have 100 chemistry in your squad.

1: Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Rating: 91
  • Xbox Price: 650k
  • Playstation Price: 789k

2: Christopher Nkunku (Inform)

  • Rating: 86
  • Xbox Price: 79k
  • Playstation Price: 76.5k

3: Ousmane Dembele

  • Rating: 83
  • Xbox Price: 8k
  • Playstation Price: 13.8k

4: N’Golo Kante

  • Rating: 90
  • Xbox Price: 229k
  • Playstation Price: 319k

5: Maxwell Cornet (Rulebreakers)

  • Rating: 84
  • Xbox Price: 59k
  • Playstation Price: 58.5k
FIFA 22: 10 Most Popular FUT Cards Right Now According to FUTWIZ

6: Paul Pogba

  • Rating: 87
  • Xbox Price: 30.5k
  • Playstation Price: 32k

7: Raphael Varane

  • Rating: 86
  • Xbox Price: 130k
  • Playstation Price: 163k

8: Leon Goretzka (Inform)

  • Rating: 88
  • Xbox Price: 255k
  • Playstation Price: 249k

9: Jonathan Bamba (Rulebreakers)

  • Rating: 86
  • Xbox Price: 83k
  • Playstation Price: 82k

10: Presnel Kimpbembe

  • Rating: 83
  • Xbox Price: 21.8k
  • Playstation Price: 32k

As you can see there are a lot of high rated and special cards in this list, and this makes perfect sense as they all have high stats in meta categories like pace, attacking and physical.

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