The Undertaker reveals heartbreaking true feelings about WWE retirement


There are few names more synonymous with WWE than The Undertaker.

During his time as the longest tenured wrestler in the history of WWE, The Deadman produced some of the most iconic moments in the sport’s history, including an unparalleled 21-0 WrestleMania run, better known as the ‘The Streak,’ between 1991 and 2013.

The Streak became the foundation of WWE’s premier event, with the horror-themed figure of The Undertaker becoming the face of professional wrestling.

It was not until November of 2020, on the 30th anniversary of his WWE debut, that The Undertaker decided to hang up his hat and retire from the sport.

Speaking ahead of WrestleMania 38, which takes place next year, the former WWE champion explained his decision to retire, saying that, despite his desire to continue wrestling, he no longer felt that he could meet the physical demands of the job.

He stated, as per The Overtimer: “I think it’s always in my head and in my heart, especially getting ready for WrestleMania here at AT&T Stadium it’s just like … man. But it’s just at a point where physically, I can’t perform at a level.

I mean, I could go out and walk through something and I could get through a match. But I can’t give people what they expect at this point. When you see Undertaker, you pay money to see that guy wrestle. I can’t deliver physically on what people’s expectations are.


“The passion is obviously still there. I think that will always be there. It’s just the physical side of it.

“My time has come, my time has gone. This is WWE and things happen, you never know. But I know that my time has passed and it’s time for these young guys to step up and take over and lead us to where we’re going.”

Since retiring, The Deadman has continued his connection with WWE by acting as an ambassador for the company and promoting future WrestleMania events.

With WrestleMania 38 on the horizon in his home state of Texas, The Undertaker has spoken at his excitement for the upcoming two-night event.



“I like going to two nights now. I think it will keep energy levels high, the excitement, high, and I’m really excited about it.

“I’m really excited for this year’s ‘Mania. I think it’s going to be huge, I really do.”

But fans may have even more to look forward to at AT&T Stadium than just the WrestleMania event.

With the event taking place in his home state, fans may be welcoming the legend into the WWE Hall of Fame. One last hurrah for The Undertaker?

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