Mike Tyson admits crying before every fight because he felt guilty about what he was about to do


Mike Tyson reigned supreme over the sport of boxing for a number of years, he was the undisputed world heavyweight champion from 1987 to 1990 after all.

That being said, he has somewhat mellowed in his post-fighting years, from biting Evander Holyfield’s ear off to being reduced to tears in the presence of the legendary Muhammad Ali.

Ali certainly had a profound effect on Tyson – as he did on a number of people in and around the sport.

44 of Mike’s 50 victories came by way of knockout and that speaks to his prowess once inside the ropes.

More recently, he fought Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition match last year and whilst there was no winner or loser, it was a great spectacle all the same.

Tyson is a boxing icon, who is notoriously one of the scariest men in the history of the sport.

Not many could do with their fists what Iron Mike did and so to hear him talk as candidly as he did on his Hotboxin Podcast with guest, Claressa Shields, was particularly eye-opening.


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“[I cried before fights] because I was pretty scared, and by being scared, I’m really going to do something bad to this guy that his family is not going to like. Then, I’m going to be really guilty and feel bad at the end.”

It is understandable as to why Tyson would fear causing his opponents harm, his hands were truly something else.

The speed and power he brought into the ring struck fear into anyone that dare cross him. This quote suggests that he himself feared what he was capable of, boxing isn’t a victimless sport after all.

As recently as 2019, American boxer Patrick Day sadly passed away following brain injuries sustained in a knockout loss to fellow countryman Charles Conwell.

The public opinions differ massively on Tyson with some intent to paint him as a villain whilst others have warmed to him over the years.

Regardless of this, it is fascinating for the so-called Baddest Man on the Planet to pull back the curtain like he has here.

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