Name For Season 10 of Call Of Duty Mobile Officially Confirmed

Name for Season 10 of Call of Duty Mobile Officially Confirmed

Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 is nearly here and the developers have officially confirmed the name of this new season.

Season 9 was massively themed around Halloween, so season 10 will be a welcomed change as we are done with these events.

Many in the gaming community always love to find out the name of the season as it sometimes leads us to identify what new content could be coming to the game.

Call of Duty is a huge franchise, and as always expectations are high, but there is no doubt that Call of Duty Mobile will deliver exactly what the gaming community wants.

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Name officially Revealed for Call of Duty Mobile Season 10

It is really good to see the developers put in a lot of time and effort into making this new season as good as possible.

One thing that excites the gaming community massively is the fact that they can bring back content from any Call of Duty game in the popular franchise, and we will see this happen quite a bit in season 10.

Alongside the name being revealed today, we have also seen a new character be teased, and this has got the gaming community very excited.

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Call of Duty Mobile fans will be excited to hear that the name of the new season will be called ‘Call of Duty Mobile Season 10: Shadow Returns’.

Name for Season 10 of Call of Duty Mobile Officially Confirmed

This is very exciting, and hopefully we will be able to reveal more news and information around season 10 in the near future. If there are any updates, we will provide them as soon as we can.

What is great about the game is that a new season means we will be getting a brand new battle pass. This means the gaming community will get a hundred tiers of new unlockable content. The content will vary from weapons, to xp, cosmetics and much more. It will be likely that we see this new character available as an unlockable reward.

Alongside the new content, there will definitely be some old content from the franchise returning, so make sure you jump on the game when the new season goes live.

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