Exclusive: David Coulthard's guide to winning Brazil GP and THAT overtake on Michael Schumacher

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Formula 1 is in Brazil this weekend for the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, as the sport sees the final edition of Sprint for the season take place this afternoon before the main race tomorrow.

It's a track that has regularly thrown up high drama and fabulous races over the years, and two decades ago that was exactly the case as variable weather conditions led to David Coulthard sealing one of his most memorable victories in his career.

After Juan Pablo Montoya had been punted out of the lead of the race by Jos Verstappen, who he had just lapped, Michael Schumacher looked good for the victory but the heavens opened and it was the Scot in his McLaren that took full advantage.

Closing in on the Ferrari man, Coulthard pulled off an iconic overtake into turn one through the spray, using the Minardi of Tarso Marques to separate himself from the German to take the lead in stunning fashion:

He'd not look back, either, as he went on to claim victory and, with lights out in Sprint tonight and then for the full Grand Prix tomorrow evening, who better to ask than the man himself for his guide to winning at Interlagos and his reflections on what was a superlative drive on the day at the wheel of his McLaren Mercedes:

"Key number point one is not crashing! Which is very easy to do around the Brazilian race track, but on that particular day I was definitely on form and it's one of my prouder victories because beating Michael in the wet was never an easy thing to do.

"I think that should go down in history as one of the great udnerrated passes in Formula 1! I think I must have missed my braking point actually and in avoidance of crashing into both of them I ended up overtaking both of them!"



"It's a great little circuit, with the elevation change it really does throw up challenges for the drivers.

"We know Max has been strong here and we know Lewis has been strong here. The weather will likely play a part at some point and then it becomes really critical because with a relatively high core track temperature if it does stop raining it tends to dry up quite quickly which does create problems if you're going from intermediates to slicks.

"It may well be you've burned out your inters but the track isn't fully dry enough to take the slicks so it just increases the challenge and increases the difficulty.

"I think for all of us watching we'd like to see that sort of race because it really does throw a cat amongst the pigeons bit I daresay Max and Lewis would want dry weather and something a bit more predictable."


Tune in this Saturday for the F1 Sprint at the São Paulo Grand Prix, live on Sky Sports and highlights on Channel 4

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