Fans abuse not affecting Bruce


Sunderland boss Steve Bruce has admitted he would consider leaving Sunderland if the abuse he is receiving from fans is affecting his team.

The Black Cats boss was born in Corbridge, 16-miles from Newcastle - Sunderland's bitter rivals and that is the main reason for abuse.

"I will never, ever walk away from abuse. Never. It is not in my nature," said Bruce. "I cannot help where I was born unfortunately."

Bruce is remaining optimistic on the chances of keeping his job and said; "If I thought that by me going, it would help everybody, then I would consider it.

"But I don’t think that right now. I just want to get it right."

After some of the abusive Bruce has received he admits it is going to be hard to turn the majority of fans around; "Can I turn the relationship around? I don’t know. It’s going to be very, very difficult.

"I don’t think it’s ever been as bad as that."

John O'Shea has said The Black Cats need to get results soon if they are to save their manager - talking of the fans disappointment he said; "You see the attendances we are getting, the fans coming to support us and, especially at home, we have not had as many wins as we would have liked.

“That is something we have to change very quickly," added O'Shea.

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