FIFA 22 Adidas 99 Numbers Up Promo: Players React To Upgrade Dates

Players have reacted to the FIFA Adidas 99 Numbers Up upgrade dates

The Adidas Numbers Up promo has been released in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and fans have reacted to the upgrade dates that have been revealed for the cards.

The Adidas Copa, X and Predator cards will have separate upgrades to 99, however, these upgrades to stats will not be introduced until the end of April 2022.

Copa cards will get an increase in Passing, X cards will get an increase in Pace and Predator cards will get an increase in Dribbling/Handling for goalkeepers.

With the reveal that these cards will not be upgraded to their 99 stats until the end of April 2022, many fans have questioned why EA decided to bring the promo into the game at all.

The r/FIFA subreddit is full of gamers who can't believe what EA is doing with Ultimate Team in FIFA 22, with some even calling the Adidas promo the "dumbest ever."

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Players React To FIFA 22 Adidas Promo

One player on the r/FIFA subreddit would describe why they feel the latest promo is so poor, as it quite possibly won't be even useable until the end of December. They said: "They've made every other promo too strong so this seems poor.

"Most base icons have been surpassed already and most of this promo won't be useful until the end of December when the RTTK cards have already been updated so they'll probably still be lagging behind. Everyone crying for more meta cards has ruined the originality."

Another player would point out how the introduction of the 99 stat boost in April 2022 will be so close to Team of The Season that it is basically pointless. "End of April, so basically a few weeks before TOTS starts? These cards will be useless."

Possibly the funniest reaction saw a Redditor saying that Adidas themselves actually got "scammed" with the promo due to the overall reaction from players. "Adidas got scammed, EA made everyone hate the promo they paid for lmao."

Not sure if scammed is the right word, but fans are certainly not happy that the latest FIFA 22 promo is essentially not going to be fully realised until at least April 2022, when the game will enter the last stages of updates in Ultimate Team.

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