Cristiano Ronaldo: Patrice Evra’s story about lunch at Man Utd star’s house is brilliant

  • Rob Swan

Most people would jump at the opportunity to have lunch at Cristiano Ronaldo’s house, but Patrice Evra once explained why the idea is much better than the reality.

Evra played alongside Ronaldo at Manchester United for three years (2006-2009) and the pair became close friends during that time.

Together they helped United to win multiple titles including three Premier Leagues, two League Cups and the UEFA Champions League before Ronaldo left Old Trafford for Real Madrid in 2009.

While all of Evra’s teammates showed incredible work ethic on and off the pitch during Sir Alex Ferguson’s tenure, the French left-back saw first-hand that Ronaldo was on a completely different level to everyone else.

"I would give advice to anybody, when Cristiano invites you for lunch at his house, just say no," Evra told ITV’s 2018 World Cup podcast, per Marca.

"He said: 'Patrice, come over after training.' I went [and] you know I was really tired. At the table there was only salad and plain white chicken so I was like 'okay...' and water, not any juice.


"We started eating and I was thinking some big meat would be coming after that but there was nothing.

"He had just finished and he stood up and he started playing with a ball, doing some skills and he said: 'Let's do some two-touch.'

"I was like: 'Can I just finish eating?' [Ronaldo replied:] 'No, let's play two-touch.’”


After being forced to play two-touch with Ronaldo, Evra was then told by the Portuguese forward that it was time for a swim.

"We start playing two-touch. After that he said let's go to the pool to swim, I was like 'okay...' after going in the jacuzzi, the sauna, I'm done,” Evra added.

"I said: 'Cristiano, why have we come here, have we come here because we have a game tomorrow, or just for lunch?'

"So that's why I would recommend to anyone when Cristiano invites you to his house, don't go. Just say no because this guy, he's a machine, he doesn't want to stop training."


Patrice Evra's story sums up Cristiano Ronaldo

If any story sums up Ronaldo, it’s that one. As Evra said, the guy is an absolute machine and never stops.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner, who has broken a whole host of impressive records during his remarkable career, turns 37 in February but is still in unbelievable physical condition.


It’s thanks to his extraordinary work ethic, commitment and determination that he’s still able to perform at the highest level as he approaches his late 30s.

And it wouldn’t be a shock to anyone if this once-in-a-lifetime footballer prolongs his career into his early 40s.


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