Exclusive: David Coulthard reveals championship battle experiences as Mercedes v Red Bull rages

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Red Bull and Mercedes continue their fight for the Formula 1 Constructors’ title this weekend at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix in Brazil, but what’s it like to be in the heat of such a battle? We asked David Coulthard to find out.

The Scot played his part in some epic duels between McLaren and Ferrari during the late 90s and into the 00s as the two fought for Constructors’ supremacy and Mika Hakkinen and Michael Schumacher were the men to share out the Drivers’ crowns.

Wind forward two decades, we again have two top teams driving the wheels off their cars in the quest to beat the other to the title and, now as an onlooker, Coulthard has shared what it’s like to be involved in such an intense situation.

Speaking to Give Me Sport exclusively, Coulthard said:

“It’s what these guys live for. It’s the adrenaline rush, it’s the fuel for their body.

“I was having this conversation on the grid in Mexico with some guests and they were going ‘oh it’s so exciting’ and I said ‘yeah this was the moment that made you feel alive as a racer.’


“Having any race go down to the wire, sadly in Formula 1 I never had a Drivers’ championship go down to the wire, but I can certainly remember from previous formula it’s exciting.

“Consequence is an absolute part of Formula 1. There’s a risk to taking to the track every time, there’s a risk to every decision you make and out of those risks and big choices come big results

“It’s a fantastic thing for sport and for us to be witnessing two teams and two drivers standing out above the rest and showing us how much it means to them.”



Tune in this Saturday for the F1 Sprint at the São Paulo Grand Prix, live on Sky Sports and highlights on Channel 4

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