Conor McGregor shares bizarre footage of him 'stalking' Max Holloway during UFC Vegas


Back on Saturday 17th August 2013 at UFC Fight Night, Conor McGregor faced Max Holloway for the first time in the Octagon.

As time has passed, it would seem that McGregor would have strong intentions of sharing the Octagon with him for another time.

When they had first taken on each other, they were both strong prodigies looking to both make a name for themselves and an impression on everyone surrounding them.

The night in Boston they had together, Conor had come out superior at the time.

It saw Conor dominate in all areas, he had just merely under 70 more strikes against Holloway with more than a 10% success rate, he had 60 more significant strikes and completed four of his five takedowns to Holloway's zero.

Statistically, Conor made easy work of his battle, each of the judges scored Conor in favour.


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The way in which Connor had approached the bout, he changed his stance and style in each of the rounds which had hugely benefited him overall, he took his UFC record after the fight to 2-0 unlike Max, who went 7-3 accumulating a second successive loss.

Arguably Conor had taken on Max when he had come off the back of a loss, although when you compare it to the fact it was Conor's second official UFC fight it is massively impressive.

During their fight, Conor had mentioned his knee popping mid way, and as time has progressed we have seen Conor suffer many injuries especially his one against Dustin Porier at UFC 264.

After a recent video had been published to Conor's Instagram, seeing him observe Holloway’s fight with Yair Rodriguez, he clearly expressed his feelings when it came to him.

Conor found himself in effect squaring up to the TV when both fighters met in the middle before the fight had even commenced.

The fight of which Conor was observing, saw Holloway win impressively against Rodriguez in fine fashion. Due to the fight going to unanimous decision it for sure makes the appeal of a second fight between Conor and Max even more intriguing for the pair.

With Conor pacing up and down his room just at the sight of Max on the TV it leads to many thoughts of how ruthless he may turn out to be in the Octagon a second time around.

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